Hello there, this blog post is part of a series to make you think if you should or should not learn X.

Please keep in mind that if you’re reading this blog post, you already have certain knowledge about X. Since X is being used in the most popular startups, it just makes sense to learn it. But also, learning X will give you tools for you to learn other things in the future.

What is X?

X is an ████████ to ██████ that is typically used in complex websites and application that require a custom █████████. X is ██████ and is used by companies such as ██████, ███████, and ███████. Like W, X also offers features such as █████████ and ██████.

Should I learn X?

Yes and no. While X is trending, it lacks the fundamentals that most programmers are seeking when learning a new ████████. If you have experience with ████████ and █████████, then I would recommend learning Z, and then come back to X.

In the other hand, if you want to learn, please keep reading.

I’ve seen this kind of blog posts all the time. And don’t get me wrong, they are pretty useful in terms of discovering new technologies. But when it comes to learning all experiences count, even though not all experiences are useful.

These type of articles are focused on discovery, but they are opinionated. The opinion of the author may be biased depending on the year of the writing and the current state of technology. These articles are targeted to newcomers, or people without experience. Giving an opinion on why it is useful or not, may deprive the learner to learn to learn, specially by intuition.

There's no such thing as a fast-track computer science learning recipe. Learning and understanding new concepts takes time. Time can be invested correctly or incorrectly in order to learn something for an end goal, e.g. landing a job. Depriving curiosity and intuition is a bad practice, in my opinion.

For example, I have a friend that knows Python: should I learn Python? Well yes, you have a friend that knows Python. Instead of learning something just because it’s trending, like the latest Javascript framework, you should learn what is available to you.

My final advice regarding learning: just learn. The more you learn, the more you will know. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to choose a better learning path based on what you like, and that motivation is gold. Don’t get motivated by advice, get motivated for what you find interesting.

Thanks to Jeroen Van Meerendonk for proofreading.