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keygen-sh/typed_params: Define structured and strongly-typed parameter schemas for your Rails controllers

alxlion/eyeloupe: The elegant Rails debug assistant

Fictiverse/Redream: Realtime Diffusion, using Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion API

moraroy/NonSteamLaunchers-On-Steam-Deck: Installs the latest GE-Proton and Installs Non Steam Launchers under 1 Proton prefix folder and adds them to your steam library. Currently Installs..., Epic Games, Ubisoft, GOG, Origin, The EA App, Amazon Games, , Legacy Games, The Humble Games Collection, IndieGala and the Rockstar Games Launcher. Now with SD Card Support.

clovaai/donut: Official Implementation of OCR-free Document Understanding Transformer (Donut) and Synthetic Document Generator (SynthDoG), ECCV 2022

MineDojo/Voyager: An Open-Ended Embodied Agent with Large Language Models

honeybadger-io/heya: Heya 👋 is a campaign mailer for Rails. Think of it like ActionMailer, but for timed email sequences. It can also perform other actions like sending a text message.

honeybadger-io/reck: 🐍 Reck: the exception-powered Ruby web framework! 🐍

pawurb/rails-brotli-cache: Drop-in enhancement for Rails cache, offering better performance and compression with Brotli algorithm

bensheldon/good_job: Multithreaded, Postgres-based, ActiveJob backend for Ruby on Rails.

discourse/message_bus: A reliable and robust messaging bus for Ruby and Rack

marcolardera/chatgpt-cli: Simple yet effective command line client for chatting with ChatGPT using the official API

luizpvas/turbo-replay: Never miss a single websocket event again.

qdm12/gluetun: VPN client in a thin Docker container for multiple VPN providers, written in Go, and using OpenVPN or Wireguard, DNS over TLS, with a few proxy servers built-in.

ian-kent/gptchat: A GPT-4 client which gives your favourite AI a memory and tools for self-improvement

kinduff/adjective_adjective_animal: Ruby gem that generates a random (seed support) animal name with two adjectives in front of it.

palkan/logidze: Database changes log for Rails

floere/phony: E164 international phone number normalizing, splitting, formatting.

ggerganov/whisper.cpp: Port of OpenAI's Whisper model in C/C++

arches/table_print: The best data slicer! Watch a 3 minute screencast at

obie/instant18n: Uses the power of OpenAI's GPT large language AI models to generate translations for your application.

jkeen/tracking_number: Identifies valid tracking numbers and a little bit more

fatkodima/fast_count: Quickly get a count estimation for large tables (>99% of accuracy for PostgreSQL).

railsjazz/ask_chatgpt: AI-Powered Assistant Gem right in your Rails console.

thoughtbot/hotwire-example-template: A collection of branches that transmit HTML over the wire.

Significant-Gravitas/Auto-GPT: An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.

trevorhobenshield/twitter-api-client: Complete implementation of the undocumented Twitter API

sunny/actor: Composable Ruby service objects

tj/go-naturaldate: Natural date/time parsing for Go.

everythingishacked/Semaphore: A full-body keyboard using gestures to type through computer vision

DmitryTsepelev/io_monitor: A gem that helps to detect potential memory bloats

joost/phony_rails: This Gem adds useful methods to your Rails app to validate, display and save phone numbers. It uses the super awesome Phony gem (

holli/auto_strip_attributes: AutoStripAttributes gem for Rails helps to remove unnecessary whitespaces from ActiveRecord or ActiveModel attributes. It's good for removing accidental spaces from user inputs (e.g. when user copy/pastes some value to a form and the value has extra spaces at the end).

pkdindustries/soulshack: soulshack, an irc chatbot: because real people are overrated. (gpt-4)

zendesk/property_sets: A way to store attributes in a side table.

westonganger/rails_i18n_manager: Web interface to manage i18n translations helping to facilitate the editors of your translations. Provides a low-tech and complete workflow for importing, translating, and exporting your I18n translation files. Designed to allow you to keep the translation files inside your projects git repository where they should be.

tines/rails-pg-adapter: Rails Postgres ActiveRecord patches for common production workloads

ElMassimo/types_from_serializers: ✅ Generate TypeScript interfaces from your JSON serializers

flyerhzm/bullet: help to kill N+1 queries and unused eager loading

julianrubisch/solder: Simplistic UI State Management for Rails Apps using Hotwire and Caching

tremorlabs/tremor: The React library to build dashboards fast.

olrenso/obsidian-home-tab: A browser-like search tab for your local files in Obsidian.

enova/sidekiq-rate-limiter: Redis-backed, per-worker rate limits for job processing.

splitrb/split: :chart_with_upwards_trend: The Rack Based A/B testing framework

AstroNvim/AstroNvim: AstroNvim is an aesthetic and feature-rich neovim config that is extensible and easy to use with a great set of plugins

nushell/nushell: A new type of shell

breamware/sidekiq-batch: Sidekiq Batch Jobs Implementation


charmbracelet/vhs: Your CLI home video recorder 📼

robbie-cahill/tunnelmole-service: Give local web servers a public URL


mjl-/mox: modern full-featured open source secure mail server for low-maintenance self-hosted email

wearefine/fae: CMS for Rails. For Reals.

apache/echarts: Apache ECharts is a powerful, interactive charting and data visualization library for browser

ffuf/ffuf: Fast web fuzzer written in Go

DvorakDwarf/Infinite-Storage-Glitch: ISG lets you use YouTube as cloud storage for ANY files, not just video

teoljungberg/fx: Versioned database functions and triggers for Rails

novuhq/novu: The open-source notification infrastructure for products. Add a notification center for your React, Vue and Angular apps 🚀

schibsted/WAAS: Whisper as a Service (GUI and API for OpenAI Whisper)

go-gitea/gitea: Git with a cup of tea, painless self-hosted git service

anderspitman/SirTunnel: Minimal, self-hosted, 0-config alternative to ngrok. Caddy+OpenSSH+50 lines of Python.

life4/enc: 🔑🔒 A modern and friendly CLI alternative to GnuPG: generate and download keys, encrypt, decrypt, and sign text and files, and more.

cloudflare/wildebeest: Wildebeest is an ActivityPub and Mastodon-compatible server

Wowu/docker-rollout: 🚀 Zero Downtime Deployment for Docker Compose

Akifyss/obsidian-border: A theme for

gocardless/business: Ruby business day calculations

RailsEventStore/rails_event_store: A Ruby implementation of an Event Store based on Active Record

brycedrennan/imaginAIry: AI imagined images. Pythonic generation of stable diffusion images.


tuwukee/jiggler: Ruby Async background job processor

the-teacher/rails7-startkit: Rails7 StartKit. Launch App in minutes!

f/awesome-chatgpt-prompts: This repo includes ChatGPT prompt curation to use ChatGPT better.

schollz/progressbar: A really basic thread-safe progress bar for Golang applications

jsonapi-serializer/jsonapi-serializer: A fast JSON:API serializer for Ruby (fork of Netflix/fast_jsonapi)

thoughtbot/gold_miner: Searches for interesting messages in a Slack channel and creates a blog post with them

ZooTools/email-spell-checker: 📮 An ultratiny (1.9 KB) and fast JavaScript email checker to reduce users typing a wrong email. Written in TypeScript. Enterprise-grade.

groundcover-com/caretta: Instant K8s service dependency map , right to your Grafana.

TheLatestNow/chatgpt-exporter: Export and Share your ChatGPT conversation history

adifyr/obsidian-chat-view: An elegant chat view for Obsidian pages.

dohliam/dropin-minimal-css: Drop-in switcher for previewing minimal CSS frameworks

m1guelpf/chatgpt-telegram: Run your own GPTChat Telegram bot, with a single command!


avgupta456/github-trends: 🚀 Level up your GitHub profile readme with customizable cards including LOC statistics!

juanfont/headscale: An open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server

alexandreruban/action-markdown: Markdown content editing for Ruby on Rails.

makenew/rbgem: Bootstrap a new Ruby gem in five minutes or less.

fatkodima/sidekiq-iteration: Makes your long-running sidekiq jobs interruptible and resumable by design.

nfx/go-htmltable: Structured HTML table data extraction from URLs in Go that has almost no external dependencies

aleixrodriala/wa-tunnel: Tunneling Internet traffic over Whatsapp

pocketbase/pocketbase: Open Source realtime backend in 1 file

mastodon/mastodon: Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community

marzusia/ Personal website

linuxdotexe/nordic-wallpapers: A collection of wallpapers that go well with the rices inspired by the Nord Colorscheme. Made with ImageGoNord by Schrödinger Hat.

twitter/pelikan: Pelikan is Twitter's unified cache backend


mtremsal/pihole-fly-tailscale: Pi-hole deployed at the edge on and accessed via TailScale

mautrix/whatsapp: A Matrix-WhatsApp puppeting bridge

benphelps/homepage: A highly customizable homepage (or startpage / application dashboard) with Docker and service API integrations.

hatoo/oha: Ohayou(おはよう), HTTP load generator, inspired by rakyll/hey with tui animation.

charmbracelet/gum: A tool for glamorous shell scripts 🎀

aweijnitz/recipe-el_fuego_viviente: Fermented Chili "Open Sauce" - My most starred repo has no code in it!

a-h/gofit: A web-based integration into Google Fit.

abdfnx/botway: 🤖 Generate, build, handle and deploy your own bot with your favorite language, for Discord, or Telegram, or Slack.

snakers4/silero-models: Silero Models: pre-trained speech-to-text, text-to-speech and text-enhancement models made embarrassingly simple

charmbracelet/bubbles: TUI components for Bubble Tea 🍡

gonetx/httpit: A rapid http(s) benchmark tool written in Go

lazaronixon/authentication-zero: An authentication system generator for Rails applications.

janko/rodauth-rails: Rails integration for Rodauth authentication framework

kgiszczak/shale: Shale is a Ruby object mapper and serializer for JSON, YAML and XML. It allows you to parse JSON, YAML and XML data and convert it into Ruby data structures, as well as serialize data structures into JSON, YAML or XML.

formkit/auto-animate: A zero-config, drop-in animation utility that adds smooth transitions to your web app. You can use it with React, Vue, or any other JavaScript application.

manumorante/masonry: pure css masonry

harshil1712/build-discord-bot: An npm package to get started with your Discord bot

alufers/mitmproxy2swagger: Automagically reverse-engineer REST APIs via capturing traffic

resume/ Resumes generated using the GitHub informations

go-git/go-git: A highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go.

pat/combustion: Simple, elegant testing for Rails Engines

AlexEidt/Vidio: FFmpeg wrapper providing simple, cross-platform Video I/O and Webcam Streaming in Go.

httpie/httpie: As easy as /aitch-tee-tee-pie/ 🥧 Modern, user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. JSON support, colors, sessions, downloads, plugins & more.

kubernetes/client-go: Go client for Kubernetes.

charmbracelet/bubbletea: A powerful little TUI framework 🏗

manumorante/ Portfolio

jackyzha0/quartz: 🌱 host your own second brain and digital garden for free

allmarkedup/lookbook: A native development UI for ViewComponent

manishprivet/dynamic-gnome-wallpapers: A collection of awesome dynamic wallpapers for Gnome, and easy scripts to install them

cypriss/mutations: Compose your business logic into commands that sanitize and validate input.

stitchfix/stitches: Create a Microservice in Rails with minimal ceremony

mame/quine-relay: An uroboros program with 100+ programming languages

eivindfjeldstad/textarea-editor: Simple markdown editor for textareas

Yuki-Inoue/jupyter_on_rails: Integrate Rails and Jupyter

kochrt/ Make a cascading timeline from markdown-like text. Supports simple American/European date styles, ISO8601, images, links, locations, and more.

jasl/activeentity: Active Record without Database

cosmopetrich/twitter_stream_exporter: Prometheus exporter for the only metrics you'll ever need

gristlabs/grist-core: Grist is the evolution of spreadsheets.

majodev/google-webfonts-helper: A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts. Get eot, ttf, svg, woff and woff2 files + CSS snippets

dylanaraps/pure-bash-bible: 📖 A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes.

jonaswinkler/paperless-ng: A supercharged version of paperless: scan, index and archive all your physical documents

rednaks/goatmo: dht22 prometheus exporter written in golang

internetwache/GitTools: A repository with 3 tools for pwn'ing websites with .git repositories available

soheilpro/mailwind: Use Tailwind CSS to design HTML emails.

alecthomas/chroma: A general purpose syntax highlighter in pure Go

motor-admin/motor-admin: Deploy a no-code admin panel for any application in less than a minute. Search, create, update, and delete data entries, create custom actions, and build reports.

vercel/og-image: Open Graph Image as a Service - generate cards for Twitter, Facebook, Slack, etc

aarongustafson/jekyll-webmention_io: A Jekyll Plugin for rendering Webmentions via

DarthSim/overmind: Process manager for Procfile-based applications and tmux

caronc/apprise: Apprise - Push Notifications that work with just about every platform!

statping/statping: Status Page for monitoring your websites and applications with beautiful graphs, analytics, and plugins. Run on any type of environment.

cybersecsi/HOUDINI: Hundreds of Offensive and Useful Docker Images for Network Intrusion. The name says it all.

Yucklys/polybar-nord-theme: A polybar configuration based on Nord colorscheme with support for multiple modules.

futscdav/Chunkmogrify: Home of the Chunkmogrify project

djezzzl/database_consistency: The tool to find inconsistency between models schema and database constraints.

Igglybuff/awesome-piracy: A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links

EliverLara/firefox-nordic-theme: :snowflake: A dark theme for firefox theme created using the awesome Nord color palette.

catppuccin/catppuccin: 😸 Soothing pastel theme for the high-spirited!

henriquefb/AprendaExcelUsandoExcel: Curso de Excel Grátis Usando Excel

vinceliuice/Tela-icon-theme: A flat colorful Design icon theme

docker-mailserver/docker-mailserver: Production-ready fullstack but simple mail server (SMTP, IMAP, LDAP, Antispam, Antivirus, etc.) running inside a container.

ankane/rollup: Rollup time-series data in Rails

ankane/searchjoy: Search analytics made easy

aasm/aasm: AASM - State machines for Ruby classes (plain Ruby, ActiveRecord, Mongoid, NoBrainer, Dynamoid)

peterhellberg/hashids.rb: A small Ruby gem to generate YouTube-like hashes from one or many numbers. Use hashids when you do not want to expose your database ids to the user.

picocss/pico: Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML

oxalorg/sakura: :cherry_blossom: a minimal css framework/theme.

igoradamenko/awsm.css: Simple CSS library for semantic HTML markup

yegor256/tacit: CSS Framework for Dummies, Without Classes

vasanthv/stylize.css: A beautiful alternative to CSS resets & normalisers.

longsien/BareCSS: A classless CSS framework

xxh/xxh: 🚀 Bring your favorite shell wherever you go through the ssh.

mblode/marx: The classless CSS reset (perfect for Communists).

brainspec/enumerize: Enumerated attributes with I18n and ActiveRecord/Mongoid support

DmitryTsepelev/store_model: Work with JSON-backed attributes as ActiveRecord-ish models

WesleyAC/deeplinks: Simple deep links to any selection of text on your website.

jcf/ansible-dotfiles: Opinionated configuration files powered by Ansible.

charmbracelet/charm: The Charm Tool and Library 🌟

charmbracelet/soft-serve: A tasty, self-hosted Git server for the command line🍦

wmertens/jsurl2: URL-friendly JSON

Sage/jsurl: URL-friendly JSON

jesseduffield/lazydocker: The lazier way to manage everything docker

conventional-changelog/standard-version: :trophy: Automate versioning and CHANGELOG generation, with and

mdelobelle/obsidian_supercharged_links: obsidian plugin to add attributes and context menu options to internal links

meilisearch/meilisearch-ruby: Ruby SDK for the MeiliSearch API

ardatan/graphql-tools: :wrench: Build, mock, and stitch a GraphQL schema using the schema language

evan-buss/openbooks: Search and Download eBooks

jeroenwtf/nitroboard: It's not that fast, but sounds cooler

goplus/gop: GoPlus - The Go+ language for engineering, STEM education, and data science

ankane/production_rails: Best practices for running Rails in production

adi1090x/rofi: A large collection of Rofi based custom Menu, Applets, Launchers & Powermenus.

goreleaser/goreleaser: Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible

gopcode/vscode-goplus: GoPlus (Go+) Plugin for vscode

tomzorz/obsidian-link-archive: Link Archive plugin for Obsidian

jasonswett/hangman_challenge: Hangman Challenge

bevacqua/dragula: :ok_hand: Drag and drop so simple it hurts

SingularisArt/Singularis: ⚙️ My System Configuration

joshmn/caffeinate: A Rails engine for drip campaigns/scheduled email sequences and periodic emails.

public-apis/public-apis: A collective list of free APIs

ryanto/acts_as_votable: Votable ActiveRecord for Rails

gocolly/colly: Elegant Scraper and Crawler Framework for Golang

mishushakov/signin-with-matrix: Federated sign-in component for your web app (using Matrix)

taniarascia/ 💾 ‎ Personal website running on Gatsby, React, and Node.js.

shaunsingh/SFMono-Nerd-Font-Ligaturized: Apple's SFMono font nerd-font patched and ligaturized

PeterMosmans/ansible-role-customize-gnome: Ansible role that customizes the GNOME desktop. It installs fonts and GNOME extensions from packages or zip files, copies files like desktop backgrounds and GNOME shell tweaks to a host, and modifies user settings.

RND-SOFT/rspec-flaky: Gem for catching flaky tests

rubocop/rspec-style-guide: Best practices for writing your specs!

dry-rb/dry-configurable: A simple mixin to make Ruby classes configurable

salsify/goldiloader: Just the right amount of Rails eager loading

luikore/zscan: Improved string scanner

stimulusreflex/futurism: Lazy-load Rails partials via CableReady

ankane/the-ultimate-guide-to-ruby-timeouts: Timeouts for popular Ruby gems

writewithocto/ink: The configurable, embeddable, extensible JavaScript Markdown editor that powers

sloria/dotfiles: sloria's dotfiles as Ansible roles

Tencent/cherry-markdown: ✨ A Markdown Editor

simonedesogus/organize_folders: Order your messy folders


Spectre.css CSS Framework: Spectre.css CSS Framework is a lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework for faster and extensible development. Spectre provides basic styles for typography and elements, flexbox based responsive layout system, pure CSS components and utilities with best practice coding and consistent design language.


Scar Tissues Make Relationships Wear Out: talk given by John Ousterhout about sustaining relationships -

The offline cookbook -

Hotwire Decisions: When to use Turbo Frames, Turbo Streams, and Stimulus - Lab Zero: Give your Rails app the zippiness of a SPA using the Hotwire framework. But beware it’s more than a toggle: the varied components are each good for solving different problems. Learn what fits where in our rundown of Turbo Frames, Streams, and Stimulus.

Sessions in Rails: Everything You Need to Know: In this post, we’ll learn about Rails sessions, including what is a session, why we need them, and why they're so important.

Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design | Design heuristics are rules of thumb or principles for design based on empirical, research-informed best practices. Some design heuristics include the famous heuristics for interface design of Jakob Nielsen and the lesser-known cognitive engineering pr...

Ruby on Rails — Rails World is coming: The Rails Foundation is excited to announce Rails World, our first conference. It will take place on October 5 & 6 in the stunning city of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Just write | Robert Birming: I just finished listening to a podcast about Lena Dunham. I didn't know anything about her, have never seen any of her work and maybe never will. But the epi...

Computers Are Bad

A rant on web font licenses – Manu: I make websites for a living. If you make websites for a living, sooner or later, you'll have to deal with web fonts. Yes, you can technically avoid …

Advice to Aimless, Excited Programmers

Saying things you don't mean - Philosophy via gavino: An essay on communication

The lone developer problem: If a single programmer builds something, it can be hard for others to maintain later.

Reverse Engineering A Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel - Gokberk Yaltirakli: Hey everyone, I have been staying at a hotel for a while. It’s one of those modern ones with smart TVs and other connected goodies. I got curious and opened Wireshark, as any tinkerer would do.

what is the randomart image for?

The Unbearable Sameness of the Modern Web: The Unbearable Sameness of the Modern Web

Turkey Day Down Time

The Neubrutalism or Neo Brutalism UI Design Trend | by Elvis Hsiao | Bootcamp: A design trend that is increasing in popularity especially during 2022 where many eCommerce sites have adopted similar designs. The design trend has its origins from the Brutalistic design trends…

I don't like making the best things.

Git archive generation meets Hyrum's law []

When feeling worn out, rotate | Noam Lerner's Blog

research!rsc: Transparent Telemetry for Open-Source Projects (Transparent Telemetry, Part 1)

All Programming Philosophies Are About State | World of BS

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time

The Decree Design Pattern: The Decree pattern helps developers write single-purpose service objects that have a predictable API contract, are composable, are easily tested, and isolate the core logic of your app.

Operation Luigi: How I hacked my friend without her noticing: Blog and dumb websites by the hacker known as Alex

The Wavefunction Collapse Algorithm explained very clearly | Robert Heaton: The Wavefunction Collapse Algorithm teaches your computer how to riff. The algorithm takes in an archetypical input, and produces procedurally-generated outputs that look like it.

Applicative programming in Ruby: railway reimagined | How to write Railway–style code in Ruby with the Applicative functors

The death of the line of death | Emily M. Stark: The line of death, as Eric Lawrence explained in a classic blog post, is the idea that an application should separate trustworthy UI from untrusted content. The typical example is in a web browser, where untrustworthy web content appears below the browser toolbar UI. Trustworthy content provided by the web browser must appear either in the browser toolbar, or anchored to it or overlapping it. If this separation is maintained, then untrusted content can’t spoof the trustworthy browser UI to trick or attack the user.

Where Did Software Go Wrong? | Jesse Li: Software is broken, but it's not because of NPM, startups, AI, or venture capitalists. A deep dive into how we think about and produce code, and how our software systems reflect the manic state of the modern world.

Photography for geeks

FFmpeg - Ultimate Guide | IMG.LY Blog: This guide covers the ins and outs of FFmpeg starting with fundamental concepts and moving to media transcoding and video and audio processing along with practical example.


it's a(door)able: a one-minute minigame.

Dual Coincidence is likely the world's most complex electromechanical game: As compared to today's video gaming systems, pinball machines may seem quaint and simple. Such is certainly not the case with NYC artist Andy Cavatorta's Dual Coincidence, however, as it's probably the most complex electromechanical game ever made.

Web Design Museum 1991 – 2006: Web Design Museum exhibits over 2,000 unique designs from the years 1991 to 2006. Discover forgotten trends in web design.

Japanese Artist Creates Amazing Miniature Dioramas Every Day For 10 Years: Miniature Calendar is an incredible ongoing project by Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka, that features beautiful miniature dioramas of everyday life using


[2302.12173] Not what you've signed up for: Compromising Real-World LLM-Integrated Applications with Indirect Prompt Injection

[1903.01003] Hacking Google reCAPTCHA v3 using Reinforcement Learning

A Comprehensive Analysis of Novel Prompt Injection Threats to Application-Integrated Large Language Models

[2303.04671] Visual ChatGPT: Talking, Drawing and Editing with Visual Foundation Models

High-resolution image reconstruction with latent diffusion models from human brain activity

The drunken bishop: An analysis of the OpenSSH fingerprint visualization algorithm

[2301.11325] MusicLM: Generating Music From Text

[2301.04104v1] Mastering Diverse Domains through World Models

Managing the Development of Large Software Systems - USC

Ghost in the Air(Traffic): On insecurity of ADS-B protocol and practical attacks on ADS-B devices

[2211.12787] Program Repair


Phosphor Icons: A flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really.

Free Open Source Tailwind CSS Components | HyperUI: Free Tailwind CSS components that can be used in your next project. Perfect for Laravel, Rails, React, Vue and more.


This Voice Doesn't Exist - Generative Voice AI: We’re deploying our own generative model which lets users design entirely new synthetic voices


Grafana Dashboard for Pi-hole Stats ⋅ avojak | blog: Excessive Pi-hole monitoring with pretty graphs!


Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars - Wikipedia

List of chemical compounds with unusual names - Wikipedia

Pyrrhonism - Wikipedia

List of inventors killed by their own invention - Wikipedia

Filibuster - Wikipedia

Hyrum's Law - EverybodyWiki Bios & Wiki

Dunning–Kruger effect - Wikipedia

Peter principle - Wikipedia

Parkinson's law - Wikipedia

Hofstadter's law - Wikipedia

Works based on dreams - Wikipedia


Write Simply


Dumb Password Rules: A compilation of sites with dumb password rules.



Brutalist Websites

The Yesterweb - Reclaiming the Internet


Mermaid Cheat Sheet @ Cheat Sheet for Mermaid.


Ventoy: Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO files. With ventoy, you don't need to format the disk again and again, you just need to copy the iso file to the USB drive and boot it.


RFC 1925: The Twelve Networking Truths

RFC 3092: Etymology of "Foo"

RFC 1178: Choosing a name for your computer