I am proud to be a self-taught software engineer from a very young age, this allows me to write high quality code rapidly; as a professional developer I have use a variety of technologies including Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Bash, Perl, and have a working familiarity with a handful of other languages.


I have a record of strong technical leadership and original, creative solutions for complex software designs and implementations. I am consistent to be able to preserve the global vision of a project alonside the attention necessary to ensure successful results. I've been part of the founding team in multiple companies.

I have been fortunate to collaborate with the following companies throughout my career.

If you want to see in more detail where I have worked and what my experience is, you can download my resume ⧉.

Places where I have left a mark

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I would love to talk and connect with you; you can find me at @kinduff:lasagna.pizza ⧉, or if you prefer email: kinduff@protonmail.com.