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kinduff Are dot matrix printers the only kind of printers that are not an actual scam?
vdamewood kinduff: That’s a pretty loaded question.
GeDaMo kinduff: laser printers? Daisywheels?
Raziel kinduff, ink tank ones aren’t bad either
Raziel thermal scams you on the paper so eh
GeDaMo Pen plotters! :P
kinduff i mean, all printers seem like a scam, specially ink tank ones
kinduff saw this reddit post about an hp printer that was blocked because it wasn’t authenticated
kinduff thermal paper seems legit, and I like them, but a4 paper is expensive
GeDaMo Maybe you could use a knitting machine as a printer :
Raziel use a CNC machine as a printer
kinduff lol
kinduff what about lemon printers? lemon ink + heat = printed page
kinduff wondering why this is not a thing yet
vdamewood Hmm… I wonder if it’s possible to make a 600 DPI printer without infringing on any active patents.
kinduff vdamewood are there a lot of patents for printing?
GeDaMo There are patents for everything :/
vdamewood kinduff: Probably. Odds are there are several patents that apply to any given device you can buy these days.
kinduff there should be a startup or something to “revolutionize printers”
kinduff i can already picture the video
kinduff “hi, im tom, and i love printing, but most printers are a scam”
Raziel I can already picture the kickstarter page
kinduff “thats why we created iPrintStuff, the printer that is made by printers, for printers”
Raziel “hi, im tom, and i love pissing, but most printers can’t use piss as ink”
vdamewood I wouldn’t mind selling printers for a profit, and not caring about selling ink.
kinduff isn’t ink the profit making thing for printing companies?
GeDaMo Use 3D printers as 2D printers :
kinduff like cinemas, they profit from candy instead of tickets
vdamewood kinduff: It is.
GeDaMo It is now, you can often but a whole printer for less than an ink refill
GeDaMo s/but/buy/
Raziel here’s an unpopular opinions: cinemas suck and I’d much rather use my living room
kinduff not unpopular at all, i hate cinemas and people in cinemas
GeDaMo Is that unpopular? :P
kinduff i prefer smelling my own farts
* edgar-rft butts a whole printer
GeDaMo I think cinemas are only popular with film makers
Raziel GeDaMo, I’ve seen lots of people lose their shit when someone says they don’t like going to the cinema and would rather use their huge-ass TV in the comfort of their home
Raziel maybe they feel attacked because their TVs aren’t that nice? :v
vdamewood I like how COVID showed that no one ggives a scheisse about cinemas.
Trashlord is it worth doing a whole bunch of type casting and shit like that in C#, just to use bytes and shorts instead of ints, because I don’t really need the range of int?
GeDaMo Trashlord: only if you have a lot of data and you’re worried about it not fitting into memory
Raziel vdamewood, I wish they’d just keep releasing stuff on home media at the same time as cinemas, as they were doing during covid
Trashlord also I prefer to see movies at home than at the cinema
GeDaMo Also performance, I guess
Raziel but every moviemaker would apparently lose their shit because their artistic vision can’t be fulfilled on people’s shitty home setups (read: they don’t get the sweet cinema money)
Trashlord GeDaMo: I have the memory, I just think that I should try to save as many resources as I can, because why not?
kinduff long term wise, it’s a better investment to have a nice home cinema setup instead of paying a suckass cinema everytime you want to watch a movie
Raziel Trashlord, it probably isn’t worth it, and also slower
Raziel unless you’re short on memory
GeDaMo Using smaller data types saves on cache space but may be slower to process
Trashlord ah
vdamewood I just realized, that these days, a Bluray costs about the same as, at most, 4 cinema tickets.
vdamewood Often, fewer than 4.