It happens when I cut something with ctrl + X.

When I have asked other peers in the past about it they tend to agree. There’s a weight to having something in the clipboard.

I don’t know the exact word. It’s like an undescribed feeling. Like a missing word from the dictionary like some languages have.

It’s not the feeling of owning something. It’s not having something missing. Neither is to have some sort of occupied space in the head. Or a technical impediment of continuing with one’s work.

It feels more like an invisible weight that can be felt through every idea and keystroke. Through every executed action, like something you can lose, something you need, something missing from the stream of data you’re writing.

I usually relieve this by pasting it into another tab or undoing my previous action. Sometimes I can kick it off by copying something else, something dull.

It’s like taking a shower and not knowing if you washed your hair. Just wash it again to make sure.

Just paste it somewhere else to make sure.