JIRA Opener, issue parser

13 de abril del 2016 鈥 250 palabras 鈥 1 min

I鈥檝e been working with a client that uses JIRA to manage business and development needs. It is widely integrated with the process of the company and I use it everyday for managing.

It is pretty cool in some areas, but my god, sometimes it鈥檚 a pain to actually work with it 鈥 don鈥檛 judge me though, I think JIRA it鈥檚 a great tool and makes sense to me to use it in some projects.

The thing is that sometimes issues come from e-mails or Slack messages with JIRA references (issue/ticket numbers) and I need to copy and paste the IDs and search or create JIRA urls with this, in order to continue with my development work.

That鈥檚 why I created this small tool called 鈥淛ira Opener鈥 over the weekend. The logo is a Heinz can with the Atlassian logo on it 鈥 basically it is me trying to make a pun.

This simple tool allows you to paste a text from an e-mail or whatever and it will magically extract the JIRA issues and build clickable URLs with them for you to have a better life.

If you press Ctrl (or CMD (you鈥檙e welcome Apple)) + Enter, it will open them all in your browser.

The domain is configurable and it will concat the issue number at the end. Not sure if this is the right approach but it works well for me and my coworkers.

Hosted right here.

Repo right there -> here.