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As a consumer, Valve comes across like Google. They build products and features and then they often sit untouched, sometimes for years. They are terrible at communicating to their playerbase and even their contracted talent.

The DOTA2 community has had to deal with these aspects of Valve for years. CS:GO is now also essentially a forgotten project, and within the span of just a couple of months, the FPS crowd is moving on to other newcomer games.

This might be armchair speculation but it seems like since Google is making so much money from ads and Valve is making so much money from Steam, that their projects don’t really get the kind of management and focus from the organization that is mutually compatible with the other stakeholders - customers, players, tournament organizers, businesses, etc. These are drops in the ocean compared to their real revenue streams.

I guess as far as this particular story is concerned, I wouldn’t be surprised if Valve just abandoned this project at some point too once it’s launched, and moved on to something else. At least in this case they’ve done a great amount of work for open-source which is fantastic because others can build on their contributions. I don’t really expect these aspects of the culture at Valve to change in this regard, as frustrating as it is from the outside, I’m sure it makes a lot more sense from the inside.