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I feel like I am in a “late-game” stage of gaming. I have sort of an overview of what is going on, but a major percentage of games simply look not interesting (anymore) to me.

The collection of games I end up playing is somewhere between special and weird, I’d say.

And, to get back to the topic, for people in a comparable situation like me, Linux is a great alternative. So if hear or read other people comparing pros and cons of Win vs. Linux (or Apple vs. Linux), and gaming was the major drawback, think carefully if that applies to you as well.

Having a pile of shame on Linux is as easy to do as on Windows, just it’s smaller (which is good, right?). But having one at all means that you don’t have a lack of games, but quite the opposite.

Of course, when you deeply into AAA and big franchises, and need to play a game when it’s published and everyone talks about it - then probably not.